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What is there to tell? The real answer is always hopefully "More to come!".  To start from the beginning, our lead singer got his start by cutting his teeth in a little bar called Charlie T's in the small town of Grand Tower, IL.  John was 14 when he became an absolute regular, as they had the best music and, a spin on a Carolina BBQ recipe that still to this day we have yet to find a match.  Miss Barb always kept John's glass full of ice cold beer...Root beer that is. (What? We tried to stay legal!) Anyways..the bands there were always blowing the roof off of the place and John was there as much as he could be, eating up the music almost as much as the BBQ. Since Charlie's closed we just had to find a way to keep it going, so here we are! Playing the music we love and finding a way to make the old noise new again. But d*** do we miss that BBQ though.

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